Equipe changelog
Equipe changelog

Update person including future shows




Riders that have agreed to save person details between shows, there is a new button in the organiser interface that also propagate the update for future shows.

So if you make a one-time/show-only change just use the normal Update person if it's a change that the rider wants also for future shows use Update person including future shows

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Federation export result for eventing




We now include all result attributes for eventing cross country even when the start is eliminated, retired or similar.

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Add horses and riders via federation search in Entry system




It's now possible to import riders and horses directly from your federation into our Entry system! Simply select your federation and type the licence number of the horse or rider you want to add to your list, and hit search - you're now ready to make your entries.


Added email to members in entry




In entry.equipe.com we have a membership feature, so you in case the rider isn't a membrer, they can automatic become a member for the year, they will only have to pay the member fee once per year.

Now we added the email to the member list, so the latest email used will be presented.

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Support for umbrella account





We recently have been working on support for umbrella account in Equipe, so new organizers can be created under this account, and also possible to manage their users (as long as they only belongs to parent organizer)

Entry system access is also moved to the user/organizer level which make more sense.

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Host nation

It's not longer possible to create shows for an organizer unless country is set, as this is used as default value for host nation for the show, se use this field all over our systems, for accounting and presentation so it must be set.

Also fixed problem where the federation country was wrongly set in the import from the federation (and our entry system that uses the same API)

Dressage with assessment and several technical judges





Fixes the total percent calculcation for marking sheets with assessments part and several judges doing the technical score.


Update host nation in entry.equipe.com





It's now possible to update the host nation already in entry.equipe.com, in case a misstake has been made, it can be corrected here so the country is correct in entry system, and this will also be imported to app.equipe.com.

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We have now separated our translation pack (10 languages) from the client javascript code.

So they can change independently without invalidate the whole pack, this will result is smaller downloads and quicker page loads.

Choose from horse categories given by current federation





Federation settings, list possible horse categories


These, and only these is now selectable in a show that be long to the federation.

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