FEI enforce Article 435

This is an old rule, but in the 2019 rulebook there is a better explanation and example, and just recently FEI updated their result validation to enforce this calculation rule, before this weekend, the calculation needed to be done differently in order to send the results without validation error via FEI Web Services.

We are up to date now, no action required, you can send the results as normal via File > FEI > Export results


Select judge name on labels printed from start lists

If you prefer using your own printed dressage tests instead of our built in dressage tests, we have one nice small addition. You can now print labels with the judge name on it, before this you had to type the name of the judge in the free text textbox.


Reports settings is stored in the backup of the show

We have had this under the radar for a while, from now on are all print settings stored in a backup of a show, this will be useful for those of you that is using a template show.

Week overview in Equipe mobile app 🎉

We strive for giving riders and spectators the best possible insight and overview of running and past equestrian shows with our mobile apps. With well over 100 000 monthly active users of our apps and many users interested in results from the big tours, it will be no surprise that the most requested feature we ever have had is the possibility to get a weekly overview also for shows/tours that is going on over several weeks like Mediterranean Equestrian Tour, Toscana Tour 2019 - Arezzo and Vilamoura Atlantic Tour 2019.

A lot of thought and brainstorming has gone into designing and developing this feature, and as usual - we don't miss an opportunity to add a progress bar 🤓. This time we bring you a lot of them, nicely aligned to present how far into the show we are.


To ensure consistent layout across desktop and mobile devices we have moved away from doing text layover in the show header. From now on you upload header and footer image, and in case the header also contain information about the show like, name, dates you can opt-out of showing this information as text below the header.

The Latvian language is the latest language added to online.equipe.com.

UELN available horse report and start/result lists.

I thought we had all fields available already, but UELN was not selectable until now.

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 13.55.21.png

Endurance fixes

Fixes arrival and finish time validation warning in Clear Round.

This already support the established convention to put the min time on the last gate, and the max time on the first gate.

Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 13.44.01.png

Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 13.42.12.png

Fetch start time given in the start list as departure time on the first gate, will fallback to start time on the gate as before.

Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 14.16.38.png

Support for ideal time in Endurance

We just deployed support for ideal time in Endurance. What you need is to set the competition type to Ideal Time and define the Ideal speed.

With this settings, competitors the nearest the ideal time (and of course speed) will be ranked best.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 13.51.52.png


Instead of seeing the total time in the compact result view, the diff to the ideal time is visible instead. For full detail switch to full result view or do a print out of the results.

Summer update! 😎

  • Federation administrators got more advanced settings for their organizers shows
  • Don't print rank for eliminated riders on print outs
  • Bugg fixes Leaderboard component
  • Format invoice no in accounting export CSV as it appears on the invoice report
  • Includes results for team members
  • Fixes order of competitions lists on show settings > Fees-tab
  • New scoreboard component for showing team or individual label (TeamIndLabel)
  • Improved scoreboard component CountDownTimer, StartCountDown and CompetitionCountDown now accepts format
  • Possible to have assessments marking sheet in Eventing
  • Added ability to wrap fences in Cross country scoresheet component
  • In Team eventing, eliminated team member gives 1000 penalty points
  • Scoreboard component EventingResultPresentation now shows results from all ridden tests
  • Fixes FEI export with eliminated team members
  • Fixes show Time to present 2 over Time to present 1 on print outs endurance
  • Fixes rounding issue with club discount
  • Added SWB Diplom report from SWB
  • Possible to set "Secondary font size" on print outs
  • Secretary view show all judges per position with name and flag
  • New scoreboard component DressageFormulas
  • New marking sheet setting "Only print formulas"
  • Added height as printable column
  • Bugg fixes and improvements

Improvements the last two weeks

We've missed updating the changelog with the latest updates. This is what we have been upto the last to weeks.

  • Includes do not charge vat in the accouting csv
  • Formatting invoice no as it appear on the invoice report in the accouting csv
  • Import from FEI, handles substituted horses and swaps horse no
  • Respect do not charge vat on free from extra fees
  • Possible when submitting payment to also close the account
  • Support for online-result for breed evaulation
  • Globally renamed Faults to Penalties
  • Setting if you want to see number of placed on start lists or not
  • Don't print rank for starts that have not completed
  • Results for team members is always included
  • Bugg fixes

FEI integration

We now automatic swap horse number on substituted horses, and withdraw the substituted horse in the their master lists.

For this to take action, new horse must not yet have a number, and the old one must have one.