Summer update! 😎

  • Federation administrators got more advanced settings for their organizers shows
  • Don't print rank for eliminated riders on print outs
  • Bugg fixes Leaderboard component
  • Format invoice no in accounting export CSV as it appears on the invoice report
  • Includes results for team members
  • Fixes order of competitions lists on show settings > Fees-tab
  • New scoreboard component for showing team or individual label (TeamIndLabel)
  • Improved scoreboard component CountDownTimer, StartCountDown and CompetitionCountDown now accepts format
  • Possible to have assessments marking sheet in Eventing
  • Added ability to wrap fences in Cross country scoresheet component
  • In Team eventing, eliminated team member gives 1000 penalty points
  • Scoreboard component EventingResultPresentation now shows results from all ridden tests
  • Fixes FEI export with eliminated team members
  • Fixes show Time to present 2 over Time to present 1 on print outs endurance
  • Fixes rounding issue with club discount
  • Added SWB Diplom report from SWB
  • Possible to set "Secondary font size" on print outs
  • Secretary view show all judges per position with name and flag
  • New scoreboard component DressageFormulas
  • New marking sheet setting "Only print formulas"
  • Added height as printable column
  • Bugg fixes and improvements

Improvements the last two weeks

We've missed updating the changelog with the latest updates. This is what we have been upto the last to weeks.

  • Includes do not charge vat in the accouting csv
  • Formatting invoice no as it appear on the invoice report in the accouting csv
  • Import from FEI, handles substituted horses and swaps horse no
  • Respect do not charge vat on free from extra fees
  • Possible when submitting payment to also close the account
  • Support for online-result for breed evaulation
  • Globally renamed Faults to Penalties
  • Setting if you want to see number of placed on start lists or not
  • Don't print rank for starts that have not completed
  • Results for team members is always included
  • Bugg fixes

FEI integration

We now automatic swap horse number on substituted horses, and withdraw the substituted horse in the their master lists.

For this to take action, new horse must not yet have a number, and the old one must have one.

Export accounting CSV/Excel

Export accounting CSV/Excel now also includes Do not charge VAT value for each account.

Result registration formatted penalties eventing

Force always one decimal in eventing, jumping penalties.

Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 09.57.30.png

Fixes CSV export for eventing

Fixes formatting of penalties on eventing, jumping test

Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 09.54.35.png

Customize labels from start list

You have now better control of the data in each row of the label report that is printed from start lists.

Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 09.52.55.png

Provide FEI password in order to download entries

The latest update of FEI Entry System v3 require that we also provide your password in order to download the entries.

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 14.26.51.png

Send invoice by email to multiple receivers

You are now able to send the invoice by email to multiple receivers at once, separate the emails with comma (,).

Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 12.35.38.png

Improvements for shows that have mixed usage of old and new FEI Entry System

When the FEI ID of the OC Admin is given, it will first try to import from Entry System v3 if not found, it tries to fetch from the old entry system.

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