Equipe changelog
Equipe changelog

Choose from horse categories given by current federation

Federation settings, list possible horse categories


These, and only these is now selectable in a show that be long to the federation.

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 12.41.41.png

Import displays from another show

You can now pick a show to import from by searching instead of scrolling in a list, this allow you do find older shows and not be limited to last 100 shows.

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 11.21.47.png

Position on withdraw start

When there was no withdrawn slots to choose from, submitting the dialog shown an error page.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-30 at 06.49.43.jpeg

Export to organizer people

Improved performance for exporting to organizer people, and display validation errors in the progress dialog while working instead of blocking the export.

Federation import team fixes

Federation import now correctly resolve given club reference, and instead of competitionid now competitionno is used to put the team the given competition.

  "clubs": [
      "id": "8945ef02-4815-423c-84d7-e2443758e735",
      "name": "Dream Team",
  "teams": [
      "id": "d04f61ae-01b9-4105-be73-661e2c871fa8",
      "club_id": "8945ef02-4815-423c-84d7-e2443758e735"
      "competition_no": "2",
  "entries": [
      "id": "82bf5cf8-56fa-4d4a-a5f5-62ef70f79b0c",
      "competition_no": "2",
      "rider_id": "89acd4bd-752a-4fe4-af07-bc5c523b7b27",
      "horse_id": "0186d65b-bd47-475b-8fba-ce706cc5c45e",
      "payer_id": "89acd4bd-752a-4fe4-af07-bc5c523b7b27",
      "category": "H",
      "team_id": "d04f61ae-01b9-4105-be73-661e2c871fa8",

Federation import improvements

We now support importation of teams if given in the entries json data provided by integrations / federations.

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 10.54.23.png

Control Point of Sale availability in Self Service/mobile app

You can now easily toggle on and off point of sale in Self Service.

The effect is immediately on all connected deviced.

Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 09.43.04.png

Entry system - Filter shows by country

It's now possible to filter shows by country by clicking the flags at the top.

The country shown here comes from the Host nation setting in app.equipe.com. You can find this setting by going to File > Show settings > Tax > Host nation.


Fixes fetching data filtering by custom boolean field on start

The filtering option is now properly used when fetching data, not only when creating the initial starts.

localhost_3000_meetings_34052_competitions_2_starts (1).png

Entry system - Members

Today we're excited to launch a simple yet powerful membership management feature in Equipe Entry System. With this you can charge a membership fee on a per-year basis which will be added automatically to their first entry of the year (for shows where you have enabled the feature).

To enable it, there are two things you have to do. First you have to go to the Organizer settings in entry.equipe.com (click the Organizer tab from the Show settings). Here you have to specify a "Membership list number". This can be anything, but should be something unique that you don't use for any other competitions/lists.


Step two is to create an Extra Fee in app.equipe.com with the same Competition number as the one you chose in the previous step, give it a name that makes sense and make sure the date is on the same year as the membership should be valid for. If the date is 2020 something, the show will require membership for 2020 and new memberships will be valid for 2020. Note that only shows that have the matching Membership Extra Fee will require a membership - so you will never really have to change the "Membership list number" organizer setting once it's set as long as you stick to the same number.


Once you have exported to the Entry system you're all set. You can manage your members under the Members tab in your Organizer settings. Here you can edit/remove and register new ones manually should you need to.


In the example below, when entering Hampus they are also added to the membership extra fee automatically. Didrik on the other hand is not, as he's already on the Member list as seen on the screenshot above.