Marking sheets - paper efficiency

While our aim is for the dressage marking sheet printouts to both look good and be as paper efficient as possible, the result isn't always perfect due to the number of different variables that affect the final result.

Because of this we've made two improvements to the marking sheet editor, adding further customizability for when the default isn't good enough;

  • You can now disable the Coefficient and Final Mark columns in the same way as the other mark columns could previously be disabled. Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 16.56.34.png

  • You can now finely tune the width of the Directive marks column. With a slider at the bottom of the editor you can specify how much space should be given to the directive ideas column, while the remaining space will be given to the Remarks column. This can very efficiently reduce the number of pages required for a marking sheet. directive-ideas-column-width.png